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THE SYSTEM (oracle cards) can be used alone, or as an accompaniment to a book (print copy available from Amazon – PDF eBook is included as a bonus item with the concept album) of the same name.

THE SYSTEM depicts a journey from pure potential to actualisation.

THE SYSTEM will appeal to anybody with an interest in the seven chakras, the twelve constellations, or tarot.

Life is a gamble. If we present the story of life as a deck of cards, every good card player should have a system.

Be it a professional, personal or private conflict, we derive meaning and story from everything we do. Each card in the deck relates to a place on an arc of one of the stories that you are in life.

THE SYSTEM is a new way of looking at established and traditional oracles and drawing correlations between them.

THE SYSTEM is based on a Harlequin’s Journey which takes the questioner on the mythological voyage of a hero, along a symbolic path to actualisation. The interpretations encompass various teachings, while holding no affiliation to any single religion or organisation.

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See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton

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